The key benefits we promise to deliver time and time again to our client-partners are these:


Our unique construction knowledge allows us to partner with a variety of clients to ensure that their design is effective and constructed within their timeline, as well as budgets.


The projects that we manage provide a direct impression to the most important audience: our clients’ customers. The GenCon team works together to ensure that the product exceeds expectations.

Relevant Experience

GenCon is one of the fastest growing private companies in the US today. Part of that exceptional growth is the ability to bring the right team members on board. We are a family oriented company that attracts hard working, ambitious professionals who are serious about construction management.


We have become a trusted resource in assisting our clients with the value engineering processes. Creative thinking, excellent relationships with our sub-contractors, and a dedication to the clients’ goals are just a part of our success. A success on our end means that there is capital that can be re-directed to enhance other facets of a project or returned to the organization.


GenCon provides the best construction management services to our clients that exceed the highest standards for safety. This is accomplished through our focus on the safe and timely execution of our projects. Safety during construction is a matter of choice – not just compliance.

GenCon has implemented a thorough, intelligent safety training process – supported by industry leading resources and we are committed to Think Safety. Every job, Every day.

As every project is initiated, our safety officer and project team members identify the project’s potential hazards and create a specific safety plan for the team. Regular safety inspections are made throughout the project, and reviewed regularly to allow for adjustments.

Safety is included as a weekly topic in our on-site weekly construction meetings to make sure we are not only ahead of the game where safety on site is concerned, but actively listening to the concerns of our clients and end users as the project progresses.

Our History and Values

Gendron Construction was started in 1976 by Steve Gendron. The company has built over 900 residential dwellings and completed over 800 commercial jobs since its conception. Our values are built around the concepts of family, integrity & trust. We have experienced great success by hiring the most dependable, trustworthy and intelligent employees. We respect our sub-contractors and ensure that they deliver the utmost quality for a respectable price. These relationships offer us a large competitive advantage when working with clients.

Community Involvement

GenCon is committed to making a difference. We value giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our employees reflect an unquenchable community spirit by participating in company sponsored projects and events and by volunteering on their own.

GenCon has partnered with Bournedale Natural Classroom in order to support its mission to enhance and enrich student learning through nature. Through this partnership, the company has donated the funding, staffing, and expertise that has supported the architectural design and layout, project management, and marketing materials. These necessary components allowed the survey and design to be completed, along with the launch of a full fundraising campaign!


  • To do something positive everyday
  • To respect your clients and their needs
  • To listen to sub-contractors
  • To communicate effectively
  • To build it right
  • To think safety
  • To make GENCON the very best